About Us

About us :

Dhondt Hobbby Products is a manufacturer/importer/distributor of creative products and sales to trade customers only. Interested in our product range? Leave a message at sales@dhondthobby.com with your commercial coordinates and we ship you our catalogue or give you a login for the site.
For many years Dhondt Hobby sells high quality products at democratic prices. Each year again we add fantastic new productsq to our range.

We don't sell to the end user, but of course we give the end user the coordinates of our resellers, please mail to sales@dhondthobby.com and give us your postal code so we can search a reseller in your neighbourhood.

Location :

You can find Dhondt Hobby Products in Desselgem (Waregem)

Address: Opstalstraat 32-34, 8792 Desselgem

Coming from ANTWERP/BRUSSELS : Drive to the direction GENT. Here direction KORTRIJK. Between Gent and Kortrijk:  EXIT NR 5: "WAREGEM". Take the exit and turn right on the expresway. At the roundabout drive straight on and at the fourth traffic lights turn LEFT direction Kortrijk. First lights RIGHT (direction Desselgem/Ooigem). In village Desselgem: first trafficlights: RIGHT. Here you are in NIEUWSTRAAT.In this road the second road left (about 800m). On the corner nr 32-34.

Coming from MONS/KORTRIJK/LILLE: Direction Gent/Gand. EXIT NR 4 "DEERLIJK". At the end of the exit, turn right. First traffic lights drive left. (direction Desselgem). Follow this way till the third traffic lights. At the third traffic light turn right (Nieuwstraat). In this road the second left: Opstalstraat.

Opening hours : from Monday till Thursday8h30 till 17h00 non-stop and Fridays from 8h30 till noon ! (closed in the afternoon).